12/8/77 - 9/23/16

To say that Holly was captivating would be a serious understatement. Her energy, passion and genuine love for others radiated from every ounce of her being. Sadly, even though everyone around her saw how special she was, she never saw it in herself and never accepted her God-given attributes. 


Holly clawed her way to a beautiful life from a troublesome upbringing that included neglect, abuse, and poverty. She eventually found a husband who loved her more than life itself, had 3 spectacular children who thought she was the greatest person on the planet, yet still felt empty. 


Eventually, Holly completely lost control of her addiction. She never fully surrendered and though she tried everything she could think of, she finally lost the battle. 


We will all miss her passion for life, her beautiful smile, her unbridled energy, her dedication to everything she set out to do, her creativity and talent, the bow ties she made for Max, the hair bands she made for Sophia, the Batman shirt for Jax and the super hero capes she made all their friends for their birthday party.


May she Rest In Peace and enjoy the balloons and messages her family will send to her forever. 


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