At Ohana House, addiction recovery will take place in a new environment, incorporating methods which will allow you to discover balance in your life and create coping methods to deal with life’s stressors.


Our residents are women:

  • Coming from Inpatient Treatment Centers

  • Going into Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

  • Looking for an extra level of support which may not be available at home (while working with a qualified therapist and/ or attending a recovery-based program, such as a 12 Step group, Smart Recovery, Refuge, or another)


Ohana House North County Coastal is a sanctuary, here to support your recovery process in building a new foundation for living.  We will help you develop skills which will, in time, allow you to successfully transition back into life in your own home.

relapse and respite care

Ohana House recognizes that one’s recovery story may include relapse. Relapse is an indicator that more is needed. Women living in Ohana House will appreciate the supportive environment that they find here.


Ohana House is a place of respite, of rest from the noise of the outside world.  


So retreat to Ohana House where the focus is on you.


luxury sober living for women